Wal-Meta Leadership Program

The Wal-Meta Leadership Program is an Indigenous specific career development program with accredited and non-accredited components. The Program is targeted at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Public Sector staff, employed at the AO3-AO5 level and equivalent. The 12 month program has been designed to provide participants with the relevant skills and qualifications (Diploma of Government) to advance to higher level positions within the Queensland Public Sector (QPS).


The program is comprehensive with an emphasis on proactive learning through quality on-the-job work experience, accredited and non-accredited training. The Diploma will be delivered through a flexible study mode with the use of uLearn, RudTek’s Learning Portal. All units are inclusive of the program and are compulsory to complete.

To assist culturally inclusive curriculum and improve learning outcomes for participants, most presenters will be Indigenous, however, non-Indigenous people will contribute to the Program. It specifically targets Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander QPS employees with the drive and energy to embrace the opportunity to develop their leadership skills on a personal and professional level.

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