User Choice


The User Choice program provides public funding paid directly to Skills Assurance Suppliers (SAS) for the delivery of accredited entry-level training to apprentices and trainees.

The program works in conjunction with the Commonwealth Australian Apprenticeships System, under which apprentices and trainees (also known in some jurisdictions as ‘Australian apprentices’) enter into legally binding training contracts with their employers and receive structured training to achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

The User Choice program provides a public funding contribution towards the cost of training and assessment for eligible Queensland apprentices and trainees. Student contribution fees under this program are set at $1.60 per nominal hour for each unit of competency/module and are calculated at the commencement of the unit of competency/module. The student contribution fee may be paid on behalf of the student by their employer or another third party, but cannot be paid or waived by the RTO.

The program will provide greater flexibility for apprentices, trainees and their employers to select a training supplier of their choice and to negotiate the type of training they require.

A number of key principles underpin the program, including the need to ensure that the program is transparent, flexible, responsive, consistently applied and easily understood.

How to Apply? If you would like to participate in the User Choice Program, RudTek can assess your eligibility for funding and provide you with specific details on how and when the course will be delivered, the cost of training and payment terms. Please click enquire now below and get in contact with us to discuss your options!

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