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uLearn, RudTek’s Virtual Learning Centre

Our virtual learning Centre allows our clients to have skilled employees learning in a faster, more flexible way. uLearn has been developed based on high quality content and training resources.

This means that clients can prepare for training and still get the results without the downtime of traditional training. Candidates engage in live, trainer lead online tutorials and meetings; they collaborate, communicate online and make use of best practice forums.

The Virtual Learning Centre also provides support anytime to our trainers who utilise a virtual environment to ensure that timely, effective and efficient training is delivered to all candidates no matter where they are located. Face to face training is one of our key success areas that contribute to our successful candidates and training methods. Bookings essential.

Flipped Classroom

We utilise the flipped classroom approach where candidates undertake pre-reading prior to each workshop delivery session so that greater outcomes are achieved from the face to face sessions.

The RudTek Way at RudTek we bring five things together

  • our People
  • our Education style,
  • the way we Enhance your learning,
  • our Passion and Skills transfer to help you achieve real outcomes in your life.

What’s the Current Definition of Online Training?

There really isn’t a single definition of online training. While some corporations rely on videoconferencing to simply allow trainers to speak to people in several locations at once, schools have pushed the boundaries of online teaching much further, with better technologies to bring students together with teachers, and with each other.

The reading materials for courses are often placed online for free access, though some courses will require you to buy textbooks. Science classes sometimes stretch the definition of online training by having students conduct actual lab experiments in their kitchens or garages!

Other hybrid definitions of online training have gradually crept into e-schools. Some students, for instance, now attend an occasional course in the class in order to meet the professor live. Others rely heavily on instant messaging or e-mail to work closely with other students – even those who may be half a world away.