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This program is delivered through face-to-face sessions or by  using a blended approach through uLearn, RudTek’s Learning Portal which includes access to resources, opens the door to discussion groups and other relevant materials to assist you in your learning. You can start anytime.

Candidates will undertake:

  • training to gain their underpinning knowledge and skills requirements.
  • assessment tasks to test their knowledge and skills
  • workplace projects to demonstrate their learning within a workplace
  • third party verification to confirm

This qualification covers the competencies required for independent and self-directed work in the public sector. There may be supervisory responsibilities rather than specialist management competencies, which are catered for in the Diploma of Government. The qualification is particularly suited to those working in an environment where there is a range of responsibilities which are diverse in nature rather than within a narrow specialisation and/or they work in small or regionally based organisations. Electives should reflect the responsibilities of the individual and the job skills required for effective performance.

You will learn how to:

  • Complex workplace communication for working at middle management level with internal and external clients, colleagues and other staff, including preparing for complex communication, analysing and responding to opinions, presenting a convincing argument, and developing a range of communication strategies.
  • Identification of service requirements to meet client needs, including analysis of client needs, review of client service, and promotion, development and enhancement of client service.
    Research and analysis to develop advice and recommendations, including identifying and undertaking research, analysing information and applying the results of analysis, maintaining information systems, and compiling reports from information.
  • Active management of one’s own career to meet goals and achieve life plans, as well as contributing to the career management of others. It includes identifying current career strengths, identifying and mapping career opportunities, developing and implementing career plans, monitoring progress and contributing to others’ career management.
  • Facilitation of workplace change in public sector environments where role ambiguity and uncertainty often accompany the change process. It includes planning for the introduction of change, dealing with emerging challenges and opportunities and handling ambiguity in the change process.
  • Promotion and support for coaching and mentoring in the organisation, including developing a coaching/mentoring strategy, establishing a coaching/mentoring framework, implementing and supporting coaching/mentoring, monitoring coaching and mentoring arrangements and consolidating opportunities for further coaching/mentoring.

A key point of difference is RudTek’s flexibility in its delivery and assessment options, with each candidate choosing what is best for them.

Government Employee Managers


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