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This program is delivered through face-to-face sessions or by  using a blended approach through uLearn, RudTek’s Learning Portal which includes access to resources, opens the door to discussion groups and other relevant materials to assist you in your learning. You can start anytime.

Candidates will undertake:

  • training to gain their underpinning knowledge and skills requirements
  • assessment tasks to test their knowledge and skills
  • workplace projects to demonstrate their learning within a workplace
  • third party verification to confirm

A dual outcome is available for Diploma of Civil Construction Management and Project Management

This qualification reflects the role of personnel working on a single or a group of Civil Construction sites, who perform tasks involving a high level of autonomy and require the application of significant judgement in planning and determining the selection of equipment/roles/techniques for themselves and others. They are required to develop site specific work instructions and practices to ensure the implementation of the site management systems, plans and policies. They demonstrate the application of a broad range of technical, managerial, coordination and planning skills.


You will learn how to:

  • complete accurate work plans, technical reports, risk assessments, etc
  • negotiate solutions to customer and workplace based issues
  • negotiate project details with clients
  • network with other professionals working in the same field
  • provide feedback and advice to staff
  • lead site-wide planning and coordination activities
  • re-allocate staff and resources in response to changing weather, site conditions and priorities
  • manage staff to solve problems and coordinate individual responsibilities and activities
  • work cooperatively with clients to resolve contract and operational issues
  • manage the ongoing review and adjustment of operations against performance indicators and project milestones
  • encourage the exploration and application of innovative approaches to improve on operational performance
  • ensure that risks are assessed and appropriate emergency plans are in place
  • ensure that project planning incorporates the possibility of adapting to future changes
  • take responsibility for ensuring team targets and goals are achieved
  • understand the standard of work expected at the work site
  • develop trust and confidence in staff and customers
  • understand equipment characteristics, technical capabilities, limitations and procedures
  • lead change and continuous improvement processes
  • manage learning and development plans
  • prepare and lead formal or informal training sessions

A key point of difference is RudTek’s flexibility in its delivery and assessment options, with each candidate choosing what is best for them and relevant to their job function.


Leading Hands, Supervisors, Foremans, Superintendents.


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