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The current 2018-19 Construction Skills Queensland’s (CSQ) short course civil construction program, runs from 1st Oct 2018 to 30th Sep 2019. You’ll need to get in quick as places are limited. The funding period commences annually in October. 

The majority of the students learning will take place through the following ways for both the theory/knowledge and practical/workplace evidence:

  • uLearn, RudTek’s Online Learning Centre
  • on-site in the workplace

Our experienced trainers will schedule site-visits to monitor student’s training progress.

Students will be taken through selection of competencies upon enrolment; outlining specific units of study. Upon successful completion of all training requirements, students will be awarded the appropriate Nationally Recognised Certification and Record of Result.

The student must be an existing eligible worker in the building and construction industry who has a one month or more working relationship with their employer OR be an unemployed eligible worker who has been unemployed for a period of not greater than six (6) months, who would otherwise meet the requirements of an eligible worker. The working relationship can be built up through full-time, part-time or casual employment or engagement as a contract worker.

CSQ requires the following documentation be collected on enrolment. These documents will be retained by RudTek for the duration of the contract term and for an additional period of six years.

1.  As evidence of employment status, we require a signed letter from an employer on company letterhead for a working relationship of at least one month. As evidence of unemployment within the last 6 months, a copy of a separation certificate or letter of resignation/termination will suffice.

2.  Proof that they are either (a) Australian or New Zealand citizen; or (b) a permanent resident of Australia; or (c) a refugee and humanitarian visa holder. (please note this does not include 457 visa holders)

Evidence requirements – As evidence, we require one of the following:
a) Full birth certificate or birth certificate extract  b) Passport c) Medicare card (green only); or d) Visa

3.  They must also (a) permanently reside in Queensland, or (b) be permanently employed in Queensland.

Evidence requirements – As evidence, we require one of the following:
a) Queensland drivers licence  b) telephone account  c) bank statement  d) statement from a real estate agent; or e) any other formal documentation stating the participants’ full name and current residential address and/or their employment status.

4.  To confirm your enrolment please fill out the below form and submit it to RudTek at enquiries@rudtek.edu.au


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